Lip Removal


Q: Does the Turf Renovator remove the lip on a baseball field?

A: Yes, this machine will easily remove the lip and make the transition from the infield to the turf flat (without removing the turf). It takes around 30 minutes to remove the entire lip on a ball diamond.

Q: Does this machine also aerate, de-thatch, verti-cut and level turf?

A: Yes, this machine is a multi use tool that completes many challenging aspects of Sports Field Maintenance. The machine uses the same tooling setup for every process including baseball lip removal.

Q: How easy is the maintenance on the Turf Renovator?

A: This machine was designed to be very simple with very few moving parts. This is a very robust, heavy duty machine that requires little upkeep. 

Q: How long do the blades last?

A: The blade life is entirely dependent on how the machine is used. Depth of cut, moisture content and soil conditions greatly affect the life of the blades. The blades do not require any sharpening or other maintenance. They simply wear down and require replacement. We typically see anywhere from 3-6 entire varsity size football fields out of a set of blades. If you equate that into money, its about $65 per field in blades

Q: Are the blades easy to change?

A: Yes, the blades are very simple to change. The machine comes with a tool to lift the machine into a vertical position for blade changing. The entire blade change takes about 2 hours.