Turf Renovator 60"​​​​​​

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How it works:

TheTurf Renovator is designed to complete many processes all in the same pass. This machine will de-thatch, vertical mow, aerate, soften and level turf with incredible precision. This machine will promote healthy turf that will allow it to thrive and recover quickly. After renovation is complete the field can be used the very next day! Renovation can be adjusted down to 2" depending on the application and what condition the turf is in.

This machine has been used extensively in school districts, cities, golf courses and colleges. Many governmental agencies employ this machine due to the amount of renovation that can be completed with very little manpower and maintenance.

Who we are:

Hardie Manufacturing built the original "renovator" in 1946. The patented helix spiral reel was incredibly effective, but required a tremendous amount of manpower to operate. In 2002 with the governmental agencies cutting back in manpower a new design tractor powered unit was created. The amount of renovation that can be completed with minimal manpower is astonishing. Through research and development, we have created the tractor PTO powered Turf Renovator 60". This machine is manufactured right here in the United States to well beyond industry standards. We take pride in every unit we sell!